Bree’s First Birthday (On a Budget)

Hello there! 😊 So, to all of you who do not know yet, I've mentioned on my last blog, that I now have two kids. I guess you all know Nyra. But ever since I got pregnant with baby number two, this blog had been quiet for some time. Not until just recently, when I … Continue reading Bree’s First Birthday (On a Budget)

Beautiful Love

Hi there! It's me again. Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mothers out there!  Today is indeed a very special day for all of us, moms and moms-to-be. I am hoping that all of you had a very good day today as we celebrate our day as the light of our homes.  Truly, our … Continue reading Beautiful Love

Nyra’s 5th

Hello, hello, hello!  It's been forever since the last time that I blogged. And I felt really bad for not being able to keep up with the blogging stuff. You know, as a working mom of two.. YES! I am now a mother of two adorable girls. Our second bundle of joy was born last … Continue reading Nyra’s 5th

Why Give Nyra the Rod

Home is the cradle of virtue, the place where character is formed and habits are established. - Gordon B. Hinckley I admit, my husband and I are advocates of "giving the rod" to children as part of disciplining them.  I know, there had been a lot of studies saying that spanking your children won't help … Continue reading Why Give Nyra the Rod

Once a Mom, Always a Mom

Today, we celebrate Mother's Day. A day when we honor and give thanks to our mothers. Well, I am hoping that this is not the only day you do that to your moms. You should, must do it every single second you get the chance to. Because, admit it or not, mothers play an important … Continue reading Once a Mom, Always a Mom

Nyra Turns 3

     Last Saturday, 18-April, our adorable daughter turned 3. And since, both my husband and I had to go to work on that day, we decided to just celebrate it last Monday. It wasn't a grand celebration. It was a simple yet memorable celebration.  We took her to the mall and had her play … Continue reading Nyra Turns 3

Restday Well-Spent

My restday's about to end. And tomorrow will be the start of another work week for me. I am grateful for my work. If I haven't mention, I work for a bank as a Phonebanking Officer. I am a Nurse by profession, however I did not practice it. Let's just say, my passion is to talk … Continue reading Restday Well-Spent