Bree’s First Birthday (On a Budget)

Hello there! 😊

So, to all of you who do not know yet, I’ve mentioned on my last blog, that I now have two kids. I guess you all know Nyra. But ever since I got pregnant with baby number two, this blog had been quiet for some time. Not until just recently, when I blogged Nyra’s 5th birthday. 

And today, is our bunso’s first birthday. Yep, FIRST birthday. O diba, napaka fail ko lang for not being able to blog about our second child. Yes, now lang. 

Okay, so let me introduce her first. So, ayun nga, our second child is Xonia Bree. Her nicknames are Bree, Breekulit, Buririt. Apparently, she was born on May 24 (kaya nga birthday niya today eh…hehehe). Time just flies so fast, na parang kahapon lang eh naglalabor ako, and now, we are celebrating her first birthday. Below is our cute bulilit’s picture:

Isn’t she adorable? I just wanna share with you all that this little munchkin is indeed a blessing from the Lord (no matter how grumpy, cranky or kulit she may get at times). Yes, she is really different from her older sister, Nyra (in terms of personality ah, because they do look a like naman physically eh). Talaga palang each child will be unique from the other, noh? Because, I have noticed, this little buririt, has a strong personality. Strong in a positive way naman. Ok, minsan “annoyingly strong” hahaha! Very brave kasi siya, and very curious sa lahat ng bagay. But despite all the kakulitan, I can say, that she is a fast learner. She can easily pick up gestures, and immediately mimic them. And, one thing I’m sure of, is that this little child will grow up smart and witty. 

So, ayun na nga, it is her first birthday today. Many of you may ask, bakit hindi bongga ang handa? It’s her first birthday so dapat sa Jollibee, McDonald’s or somewhere fancy with many guests. Bakit sa bahay lang? 

Well, to answer all those questions… We need to be practical financially. Oo, pwedeng gawan nang paraan to celebrate it at a nice resto or place, but question is, “Is it even practical?” I don’t even think Bree will ever remember celebrating it let’s say sa Jollibee or sa Max’s or kung saan man. Yes, she’ll see the pictures, but do you think she will ever recall the games or the program that’ll take place kung sa bonggang lugar eto ginanap? With her young age, I do not think so. Yes, some of you might say, I am just making my excuses, or I am just being kuripot and all. Well, yeah, kuripot na kung kuripot, but that’s the reality of life. We don’t want to raise up our kids, experiencing lavish celebration of their birthdays, and then after that, wala na kami makain. Hahaha! Don’t get me wrong, I would love to throw a big party for them IF we have extra money. May malaking IF dun. Hehehe! Yes, we will create memories as a family, but we choose to create those memories intimately. Who says creating memories should be expensive? It can be as simple as this birthday celebration that we had for Bree. It may not be the most expensive party, but it is a party organized with LOVE. From the one (Ate Ning) who cooked the food, who welcomed and entertained the guests, helper (Jhanna) who made sure the house was presentable before the guests arrived, to Nyra who helped me with the balloons, and to all the people who took their time to celebrate this special event with us. And I think, that’s what’s important. It is for Bree to feel loved on her birthday, even if simple lang ang handa. That is one value I want to instill in my kids. I want them to be contented with simple things. Na hindi kailangang maging magara to be happy. I want them to grow up, valuing what’s really necessary in life. What I want them to experience is not the 1-2 hour temporary happiness, but rather pure joy, knowing that having us as their family is more than enough. 

Well, I am not saying naman that I will no longer throw a big party for my kids. Gaya nga ng sabi ko, I would love to. Kung may extra, why not? Kung may enough savings, why not? But, now is not that time yet. And of course, God knows the desires of my (and my children’s) heart. And He will grant that in His time, by His will. And I am claiming that. Yes! 😊

Okay… So, andami ko na palang nasabi. Hahaha! 

But, really my main point here sa entry na ‘to is you don’t have to feel obligated to put up a bonggang party just to what?? To impress the people around you? Well, I hope not. You can always make these special events memorable and worth remembering affordably, not needing to spend thousands and thousands of money. 

Sige na nga tama na, I am so sleepy na so mejo sabaw na ako mag isip. 

To sum it all up, below is a short video for Bree’s first birthday. Hope you like it!

2 thoughts on “Bree’s First Birthday (On a Budget)

  1. Jo,ur so impressived…I like the way you are…we have something in common.Just stay the way you are and more blessings to come ur way…for being so religious and loving mom to ur two lovable kids which is my grand children.Happy 1st bday to cutiful Bree and Happy mother’s day to you mydear niece…Joan Claire Yerro Cambil…love you all and God bless!!!👏👏👏 very well said…🌹🌹🌹💞💞💞❤❤❤👍👍👍🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈💒💒💒💝💝


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