Nyra’s 5th

Hello, hello, hello!  It's been forever since the last time that I blogged. And I felt really bad for not being able to keep up with the blogging stuff. You know, as a working mom of two.. YES! I am now a mother of two adorable girls. Our second bundle of joy was born last … Continue reading Nyra’s 5th

Happy Wife Happy Life

  How's your married life?  Do you still love your spouse? Does it reflect in your lives?  How do you cultivate your relationship with each other? Are you growing closer to or away from each other? Here are but just a few of the questions you and your spouse should contemplate on a regular basis. … Continue reading Happy Wife Happy Life

Unequal Marital Yoke

Question for wives:  Ever felt being alone in your faith?  My answer? I did, and I still do. As you all know, I am a Christian. My husband? Yes, he is too. But there are times (most of the time 😓) I feel, we're not walking side by side in our faith.  Even before I … Continue reading Unequal Marital Yoke

Restday Well-Spent

My restday's about to end. And tomorrow will be the start of another work week for me. I am grateful for my work. If I haven't mention, I work for a bank as a Phonebanking Officer. I am a Nurse by profession, however I did not practice it. Let's just say, my passion is to talk … Continue reading Restday Well-Spent