Why Give Nyra the Rod

Home is the cradle of virtue, the place where character is formed and habits are established. - Gordon B. Hinckley I admit, my husband and I are advocates of "giving the rod" to children as part of disciplining them.  I know, there had been a lot of studies saying that spanking your children won't help … Continue reading Why Give Nyra the Rod

Dhadha’s Day

  Today, we celebrate the goodness of all the Dads out there. Courageous men who embraced fatherhood and accepted the role to support, provide, love and build their family. Kung gaano kahirap maging isang ina, ganun din naman ang maging isang ama.  I grew up without a father. Yeah, it was kinda hard. But I … Continue reading Dhadha’s Day

A Visit to CRIBS 

Last Monday, 15-June, my colleagues and I volunteered at CRIBS Foundation in Marikina City. I am glad to be a part of a company that practices Corporate Social Responsibility. A company willing to give back to the community by lending a helping hand.       For me, the foundation is a big house turned into … Continue reading A Visit to CRIBS 

Happy Wife Happy Life

  How's your married life?  Do you still love your spouse? Does it reflect in your lives?  How do you cultivate your relationship with each other? Are you growing closer to or away from each other? Here are but just a few of the questions you and your spouse should contemplate on a regular basis. … Continue reading Happy Wife Happy Life