Nyra Turns 3


Last Saturday, 18-April, our adorable daughter turned 3. And since, both my husband and I had to go to work on that day, we decided to just celebrate it last Monday. It wasn’t a grand celebration. It was a simple yet memorable celebration. 

We took her to the mall and had her play in Timezone, then we bought pizza and cake before we headed back home. We invited her cousins, my in-laws, my bestfriend and her brother. 


This is us having popcorn snack after playing in the arcade.
Nyra with her cousins
Nyra with her Ate Ning & Tita Maila
Us… The Cambils 👨‍👩‍👧
Nyra with my in-laws and her cousins

I am so grateful that my daughter is surrounded by people who love her dearly. As a parent, I am glad that Nyra is blessed in so many ways. And I am hoping, one day, when she grows up, she would understand and realize that she is truly special to us. 


The pictures above are some of the presents she received for her special day. As a mom, I am just overwhelmed with the generosity of these people may it be relatives or close friends.  

From the bottom of my heart, I am thankful. I may not be able to give all the material things that the world offers, but one thing is for sure… My love for my daughter will never cease. 


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