Once a Mom, Always a Mom

Today, we celebrate Mother’s Day. A day when we honor and give thanks to our mothers. Well, I am hoping that this is not the only day you do that to your moms. You should, must do it every single second you get the chance to. Because, admit it or not, mothers play an important role in our lives. It is indeed, the greatest yet the toughest job in the world. When I say tough, I mean really tough. Haha! But, nevertheless, motherhood is the most fulfilling task a woman can ever have. I can tell, why? Because I am a mom. I may not be a veteran or the most experienced mother out there (since I only have one three-year old daughter), but I kid you not, this is one of the best & greatest gift I ever had. As a first time mom, there are a lot of adjustments & coping. Sleepless nights, bedtime stories, changing of diapers and on and on and on. Motherhood is not something that you get into one day, and when you find out it doesn’t work for you, you can just walk out the door and say, “I quit!” Ah-ah! You got it wrong. Being a mother is a no-turning-back role. No matter how hard, no matter how inconvenient it would be, no matter how time consuming it may be, you can never say “I give up.” Because, once a mom, always a mom. 

But, despite all those challenges, I and all the mothers out there will always love to be mothers. We are designed to be the “light of our home.” Motherhood is our calling. Being in the front row seat of your child’s life journey is a very rewarding experience. Something that we, mothers can really be proud of. 

So, to all the mothers, soon to be mothers and praying to be mothers in the future, a Happy and Blessed Mothers’ day to you! I am praying that God will continually bless the desires of your heart and may you feel loved not only on this day, but every single day! 


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