Beautiful Love

Hi there! It’s me again. Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mothers out there! 

Today is indeed a very special day for all of us, moms and moms-to-be. I am hoping that all of you had a very good day today as we celebrate our day as the light of our homes. 

Truly, our role is the toughest yet the most fulfilling one, whether you are a full time homemaker or a working mom. Really, all of us deserves a pat on the back (hehehe) for a job well done. 

Now, this blog is to encourage us all (yes, I am reminding myself of this too) to never stop loving what we do. Even if at times, it feels so exhausting, like there is nothing left in us anymore. I know there will come a time when we would feel like giving up… when we think that what we do is not even noticed. 

Why am I saying all these? Because I felt this too, just recently. I came to a point where I asked myself, if I am still doing the right thing as a wife and as a mom. I felt so tired already, fulfilling my role as a wife, as a mom and as an employee. I was even saying, “Parang ubos na ubos na ako. Wala na akong maibibigay pa.” Well talk about self pity party?! Ako yun! 

But, you know what, I was reminded a while ago, when we attended the service at church, that what I do is never taken for granted. People may not appreciate you for what you’ve done, but there’s Someone who does. And that Someone is no other than our Lord Jesus Christ. During praise and worship, we sang What a Beautiful Love by Victory Worship and the lyrics of that song just touched my heart as if God was in front of me telling me that He appreciates everything that I do and that He looks at me with delight. I was just crying my heart out to Him and I felt so relieved and comforted. Thus, the title of this entry. Hehehe! Beautiful love, how can it be?! Super selfless that despite all my shortcomings, He still loves me that much. I am just grateful that God loves me and sees me as His daughter. 

And my prayer for all the moms out there, that in times when we feel empty.. In times when we are tired from all the work… In times when we feel not enough and not appreciated… May we find our comfort, peace and security from our Lord Jesus Christ. That through Him, we can be renewed, restored and refreshed. That by His love and His never ending grace, we can and we will be the best wife and mom for our spouse and children. May we draw strength from Him and Him alone because His love never fails and it never runs out. 

So, let us not give up, dear mommas out there. God is with us. He delights in us and He is proud of what we do as wives and mothers. He knows very well the desires of our hearts and surely He will bless us and reward us.

Once again, Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for reading my entry. 

God bless us all! 😘 

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