What To Do When There is No Way Out

When life gets tough, is there an easy way out?     Well, how I wish it would be that simple.  Sometimes, rather, most of the time, when we go through a lot of challenges in life, we can't help but just hope that everything would end. That, in one click, everything will be okay. That … Continue reading What To Do When There is No Way Out

ML Biyaheng Pag-Ibig 05.15.15

What's up with me, that everytime I hear someone's engaged and is getting married, I feel so excited and giddy about it?! I guess, it is because I've been there and done that. The "kilig" moments when finally, one man stood up for you and is taking full responsibility of the relationship that you have. … Continue reading ML Biyaheng Pag-Ibig 05.15.15

Once a Mom, Always a Mom

Today, we celebrate Mother's Day. A day when we honor and give thanks to our mothers. Well, I am hoping that this is not the only day you do that to your moms. You should, must do it every single second you get the chance to. Because, admit it or not, mothers play an important … Continue reading Once a Mom, Always a Mom

Grace in the Midst of Defeat

Today, we, Filipinos once again stood for and became one for our support to the one and only "Pambansang Kamao", Manny Pacquiao as he fought with Floyd Mayweather. The fight of the century, as they say. I haven't watched it & thankfully I did not dare to, or else I would have been more disappointed. I just … Continue reading Grace in the Midst of Defeat